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Fulfillment by Latinchem

You sell it, we ship it


With Fulfillment by Latinchem (FBL), you store your products in any (or many) of the chemical compliant warehouses & fulfillment centres in our network and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.


You send your products to one (or many) of the chemical compliant warehouse(s) & fulfillment centres in our network 


Monitor inventory using our web integrated tracking system


Latinchem fulfills orders placed directly on or fulfillment requests you submit for sales done elsewhere

With Fulfillment by Latinchem (FBL), you can reach the end user of your product without having to establish local or regional presence. You can invoice the customer directly or we can invoice them on your behalf while you still have direct contact and full control on pricing & pre-visibility on all fulfillment related expenses.

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