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Simply Chemicals Datasheets

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Chemical Products Datasheets

Our datasheets are product specific, updated monthly and, among other things, include a list of suppliers, pricing trends, applications, news, etc.

Chemical Products


The "Suppliers" section of our datasheets provide a list of global, regional and local manufacturers, distributors and agents who provide the product to end-user companies. It may include contact information to facilitate communication between customers and suppliers.

Chemical Products Pricing Trends / Prices

Pricing Trends

The "Pricing Trends" section of our datasheets provide information about historical and current pricing of the product in the international market. This may include reference prices in FOB terms and often based on Full Container Load (FCL) quantities.

Chemical Products Uses & Applications

Uses & Applications

The "Uses & Applications" section of our datasheets provide information about the various ways in which the product can be utilized or applied. It may list the specific industries or fields where the product can be useful, as well as the particular functions or tasks it can perform.

News & Insights on Chemical Products in Latin America

News & Insights

The "News & Insights" section of our datasheets provides information about recent events and trends related to the specific product. This may include new product launches, plant closures or expansions, relevant trade shows, and other product-specific information.

Training & Courses on Chemical Products

Training & Courses

The "Training & Courses" section of our datasheets provide information about courses or training programs related to the specific product. These programs may be offered by manufacturers, distributors, agents or educational organizations and can be either paid or free.

Brands of Chemical Suppliers

Featured Brands & People

The "Featured Brands & People" section of our datasheets highlight brands and individuals associated with the specific product. This section may include information about the companies that produce or distribute the product, as well as individuals who are involved in its development or promotion.

Constantly expanding datasheets on thousands of chemicals products, used across dozens of industries, throughout all Latin American markets

Some of the industries we cover:

Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Treatment
Fertilizers Chemicals
Rubber Chemicals
Ink Chemicals Inks
Paper Chemicals
Plastic Chemicals Plastics
Wood Treatment Chemicals
Ceramic & Porcelain Chemicals
Veterinary Animals Chemicals Science Health
Insecticides Chemicals
Paints & Coatings Chemicals
Lubricant Chemicals Lubricants
Petro Chemicals Petrochemicals Fuel
Petro Chemicals
Glass Chemicals
Wax Chemicals Waxes Candles
Cosmetic Chemicals Cosmetics Beauty Wellness
Mining Chemicals Minerals
Ignitives Chemicals
Leather Treatment Chemicals
Leather Treatment
Pesticides & Agro Chemicals
Textile Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Pharma Chemicals Pharmaceutical  Science Life Health
Cleaning Chemicals
Cleaning Chemicals
Construction Chemicals
Nutrition Food Ingredients Chemicals
Adhesive Chemicals Adhesives

Product datasheets are designed & regularly updated by teams of product managers, country managers & industry experts, accessible by email 24x7 for further assistance.

Some of our featured suppliers:

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